iTunes User - "Brilliant pictorial giving a real insight to the derelict Pripyat area. Superb photography and very well put together."
October 22, 2012 3

Dark Pripyat – Available in Print & iTunes

Dark Pripyat is an extraordinary interactive collection of Pripyat and Chernobyl pictures from the abandoned exclusion zone during visits from 2010 & 2011 and is available as a downloadable book from the iBookstore, PDF format  and is also available in print.

Dark Pripyat is Urbanpixels’ first interactive photo book* which is exclusively available on Apple’s iBookstore for the Apple iPad.  We believe that the iPad platform is one of the best to view some of the stunning photography from around the Chernobyl exclusion zone & the abandoned city of Pripyat and is available free for you to download right now.

Dark Pripyat includes images and sound recordings* taken in the zone of alienation throughout 2 visits spanning 2 years between 2010 & 2011. The book also provides information about the accident in 1986 at reactor 4 and it’s lasting effects around Europe.

Now Available in Print:

Since the launch of Dark Pripyat at the start of 2012 we’ve worked very hard to make a limited edition print version available to buy which shares the amazing photography of Dark Pripyat in a glorious full page colour photo-book.

We are happy to announce that this is now available! Our books are supplied by Blurb and feature a full colour imagewrap hard back with edge to edge printing and premium papers to give the best possible quality.

To get your hands on a Printed copy of Dark Pripyat please visit our blurb bookstore on the link below:


Dark Pripyat is compatible with Apple iPad installed with iBooks 2 onwards.

Dark Pripyat available on the Apple iBookstore!

If you don’t currently own an iPad you can still view Dark Pripyat but without our Interactive content.

Please click the PDF icon to download your free copy of Dark Pripyat (88mb)

Dark Pripyat: Pripyat and Chernobyl pictures - Now available on iTunes and PDF

*Interactive features are only available on the iPad version.


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