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S.A.I.R.O Oil Refinary

I stumbled across this abandoned oil refinery in Imperia, Italy it was totally unexpected so it was a decent mooch, pretty stripped and bare but a few nice items still remained.

Due to the surprise find luckily I had my camera but not my tripod so please forgive the blurry images from inside.

The place was huge, the only noises been the road outside and a pump which was running to empty the flooded basements, again which looked like it covered a huge area.

Details I’ve struggled to find about this building, but with a little help from google translate i’ve managed to include some history below:

Site History

The S.a.i.r.o refinery was built in 1912 and was the first industrial oil refinery in Italy. It operated until 1992 where it was closed and productions moved to larger more able locations such as La Spezia, Genoa and Savona. Details are hit and miss but it looks like they refined oil for industry as well as vegetable oils.

Planning permission was granted in 2007 to build modern apartments on the site which overlooks the new Port Moritizo along with various business ventures with the mayor of Imperia heading the fight for development.

Plans included: Multi-functional complex including, residence and tourist accommodation (4750sq m) Commercial space (1600sq m) underground garage (10500sq m) and gardens of (2600sq m) As of today the building still stands empty with little signs of renovation or redevelopment.

I don’t that have much experience with Oil refinery’s so if somebody sees a mistake I’ve made with identifying parts please let me know.

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