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Power Plant Maybach (BE)

Belgium… Some would say an urban explorers dream, the country is littered with abandoned industrial installations from factories to power stations in extremely good condition and are extremely rewarding to explore.

We stumbled across this power plant not even knowing of it’s existence but it would appear its been reported before and labeled as “Maybach” earlier in the year but with no history.

The condition of the site is breathtaking, there is still the low hum of generators and switchgear and various pieces of equipment around the plant still have power and work.

You could easily spend hours in here but as it was late in the short winter day with plenty more to accomplish we only spent 45 minutes or so, a revisit 100% required.

It is exactly the same design as Power Plant CM/BR and is owned by the same company but do not confuse the 2, Powerplant CM or BR (sometimes known as different names) is currently under demolition.

Visited with CmdrCord and a none member.

Site History

Power Plant Maybach was a thermal facility which means rather than a traditional coal powered station it was powered by a mix of fuel oil and gas.

The company who owns the plant had originally planned to commission 8 thermal plants in the area but due to the oil crisis of the 1970’s the plans were shelved and only two were completed and put into service.

The 2 plants had a capacity of around 500megawatts which may have been suitable at the time of their creation but are now deemed as obsolete and “low yield” they were therefore closed in 2010 (CM) and June 2012 (Maybach) as the company turns to nuclear power. Fortunately it would seem none of the workers were made redundant but they where moved to other installations as well as the companies nuclear plant in the region.

Plans are to demolish this plant after the other site (Power Plant CM) has been demolished which as of dec 2012 is already underway although the electricity company says this may take several years to accomplish safely due to contamination of the Maybach site.

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