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Pilkington Glass (UK)

This site has been around a while now, been done over and over, it looks as if the site has been well and truly pikey’d at the moment with the remnants of cabling allover the place.

The site has become half live due to some railway training going on in the buildings and the company has done a decent job at re-securing it also which meant it was a pain to get into.

After seeing the mega long main hall i was starting to get disappointed with the state of the site coupled with the troubled entrance so decided to take a look around some more.

Im glad we did! We stumbled across a machinery hall & stores packed with equipment and vintage machines which i haven’t seen many pictures of here, so these make up most of my report.

Bit of History:

‘Pilkington plc originated in 1826 as the St. Helens Crown Glass Company, founded with the technical knowledge and ability of John William Bell and capital from three of the most influential local families, the Bromilows, the Greenalls and the Pilkingtons. William Pilkington was one of the original shareholders, and he was later joined by his elder brother Richard.’

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