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Hospital BZ – Germany

I’ve managed to come across this old Military hospital and complex in Germany, this will become a little project i think for me in the next few weeks, as i spent 5hours here in the hospital section and only covered 20% of the site i would say, its massive (38 Acres).

Some of the areas in the complex are still in use and i had a few close calls while on site, some of the buildings look like barracks or housing and look relatively untouched so ill be looking for a few more revisits soon.

A little history of what i’ve managed to find is below, the land has been sold recently i will be gone in the coming months i think (sorry for the poor translation)

Site History

The military hospital BZ of 1952-1954 on the site of the former military airfield Bad stopcock as a British Royal Air Force Hospital It was built with a capacity of 150 beds.

The RAF handed over on 22 September 1958 the hospital to the Bundeswehr.

Almost a year later, on 18 June 1959 the Germany Military took it as Bundeswehr hospital BZ in operation. In several steps the bed capacity has been increased to 200 units.

On 1 October 1970, the hospital was in the army hospital BZ was renamed and also made available for civilian patients. The hospital closed in 2008, the land has been recently sold and awaiting plans for the large site to include accommodation and hotels in plans due in Oct 2012

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