I fu**ing hate razor wire.
January 13, 2013 0

Aircraft Museum (DE)

After a day trotting around some of Germany’s more unknown exploring spots we decided to have a look at an old aircraft museum which closed it’s doors in 2007. The museum was meant to reopen after a short renovation however it stayed closed and the attractions are rotting away in the undergrowth.

Most of the museums inventory is locked away in a very secure area however the aircraft (what we were interested in) are out in the open. Most of the aircraft are samples of eastern Germany’s army and the soviet era’s dominance on the east.

There are a collection of Mig’s and various light aircraft and a Mi-8 helicopter while the secure area is mainly for automotive displays from the 1950’s and earlier.

The display also houses many tanks and other artillery from the WW2 era, but these are hard to get to with the amount of overgrowth around them plus we were here for planes!!

I made a new enemy while on this explore also, his name was razor wire.


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