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October 25, 2012 0

Chernobyl 2012 – A Summary

In October of 2012 i again helped arrange another massive trip to the abandoned city of Pripyat in the Chernobyl exclusion zone in the north of the Ukraine, this was to be my third (and last) visit for a while to the area.

I couldn’t have asked for a better group to join me this year, the laughs were through the roof with a few familiar faces from the 2011 trip, unfortunately the zone rules have tightened up somewhat during the last 12 months but we persevered and got access to most things everybody wanted to see, the zone has changed a lot in the last 3 years in some places for the worse and some places for the better.

With 3 days in the zone we had a day running around Chernobyl reactor and various other sights within the zone, and the remaining 2 days were left exploring Pripyat city which was home to 50,000 people in 1986 before the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Above is a collection of images from the 2012 trip out of the 600+ took over the 3 days, there are more to come so make sure you check Urbanpixels again shortly.

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