October 23, 2012 0

Bremer Freimarkt – Michael Kötter

This video i just had to share.. One of the many awesome friends i made while visiting Chernobyl this year has released a video from the Bremen Frimarkt in Germany, it’s bascially a massive funfair whats held every year in the city.

He created the timelapse video (which is his first!) with over 50GB of raw images and no doubt plenty of hours worth of time in the processing.

Check it out in HD and leave him some comments on Vimeo if you enjoyed it, Excellent work Michael!

What Michael Says

This is it, the result of two awesome evenings on a rooftop, about 50GB of RAW files and some hours of pushing Lightroom to the limit with LRTimelapse – my first timelapse video.

Cheers to Jonas Ginter for the company and processing tips, and of course the awesome team of Prizeotel Bremen-City for their help!

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