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March 4, 2013 0

Nettle Prison (DE)

Water on an explore is usually bad (unless you’re draining) however when you are trying to get across a 6m wide moat it’s more of a problem.. Especially when the tree you are trying to walk across is full of moss and branches which snap as soon as you look at them never mind when you grab them for dear life.

But after walking the entire compound looking for entrances which had previously been sealed for about an hour and 2 tree climbs later we were in this lovely abandoned prison.

I’ve not seen this prison reported before except by CmrdCord’s report which is over 2 years old, he insists it’s in the same condition so fairly off the beaten path with not many visits.

It has been used as a young offenders prison mainly by Women. The prison is unique in that it also had a therapy section which offered help for juveniles with social and behavioural disturbances (including ADHD) and was more akin to a rehab centre in the day, and prisoners in their cells at night.

From sources i can find about the prison it would appear that in the years upto it’s closure only one of the 7 wings were operational with just 28 inmates and was fairly relaxed, inmates were allowed to continue with school studies and sit exams while serving their time, the prison it’self also had a theater for entertainment.

The prison closed completely in 2006.

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