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Dyson Refractory (UK)

Dyson have a few factories in Sheffield, I’ve not seen this one before, but judging the inside of this site it must have been stripped long ago, only part of the Kilns remained with a few other sections still in use like the forman’s offices and various store warehouses.

The offices on site still function as Dyson’s head office so caution needs to be had with onsite seccas.

Like the other Dyson factory perhaps the best parts are in the stores, but here unfortunately they are well locked up, ultimately a bit of a derp but least it’s seen.

This is under Dyson Technical Ceramics but to differentiate the site in Stannington (of which there are lots of reports here) this is Dyson Refractory.

Some history:

Dyson’s were manufacturers of Refractory material (ceramics used in the steel industry, rollers, injectors and moulds etc) they also produced fire backs and other household high temperature ceramics such as high temp bricks and clay for well dressings.

John Dyson started the company in 1834 in some form or another but it’s unknown when Dyson took over the brick makers around Totley which have been around much longer known as Totley Fire brick works and the moor edge silica brick works.

The Refractory site closed down its production seemingly in 2006 but there were some products on the production line with a 2003 date. The offices are still been used today.

For the future of the Dyson sites in Sheffield various companies have sought planning permission for residential buildings but strong opposition from the local residents and the rules for the sheffield green belt means that the plans have been delayed thus far (I’m not sure why, surely a nice housing estate is better than a decaying factory?!)

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