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Chambre De Commerce (BE)

The Chambre De Commerce in Belgium is a feast for the eyes the old neo-gothic style building has stood the test of time and makes and excellent place for an early morning explore.

The Chambre was originally built around 1531 by Joseph Schadde but has been renovated from it’s original form after 2 fires in 1583 and 1858.

The building is designed as a “mother of all markets” where people would trade within the galleries which are located around the edge of the ground floor, another addition to the structure remaining today is the roof, it originally did not have one.

The building is often confused as an old stock exchange but this is untrue but instead it was a trade fair where items were shown off for purchase from around the world.

The site has been under plans to be renovated for a long time but as yet nothing has happened.

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