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Power Plant CM / BR (BE)

Power plant CM / BR is located in the northern part of Belgium and is a sister plant to Power Station Maybach the only difference is that CM / BR was a coal and gas powered station and Maybach was gas and fuel oil only this is evident with the clearly visible coal conveyor systems at CM / BR.

The plant has been in operation since the 1970’s and is one of the oldest plants of its kind, unfortunately this is the reason why it was decommissioned with the owning company stating: “the plant simply creates too much carbon dioxide” the plant closed at the start of 2010 and is currently undergoing demolition before the same fate grips Maybach.

The design features between CM / BR and Maybach are extremely similar and can be confused between easily, one of the main differences is the inclusion of a cooling tower at CM / BR, both plants use the familiar red Brown Boveri turbines of which each station holds 2. The plant was capable of creating 500 megawatts of power at peak power and both follow the same design of two chimneys and the turbine halls out front.

Some identify this plant as CM and some as BR & Red turbine station so mine is labeled as both to avoid confusion.

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