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Urbanpixels BBC TV Feature

Today was the day of the 27th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the north of the Ukraine, the BBC ran a feature on their website and TV channels which included some pictures from the Dark Pripyat photo-book from Urbanpixels. Continue reading

Address is Approximate

While viewing my daily array of websites i stumbled across this beautifully moving stop motion project by Tom Jenkins called “Address is Approximate. Continue reading

Südzentrale Timelapse

I’ve recently been over run by awesome videos on Youtube and Vimeo about motion time-lapse.. I just had to try this.

Continue reading

Landscapes: Volume Two – By Dustin Farrell

This video is one of the best Time-lapse collection’s I’ve ever seen, its created by Dustin Farrell from Crew West

Shot mostly in Arizona and Utah in the USA he used various motion dolly’s to create movement within the time lapse  every frame is taken on a Canon 5dmkII and complied with Adobe After Effects to create this stunning masterpiece. Continue reading

Bremer Freimarkt – Michael Kötter

This video i just had to share.. One of the many awesome friends i made while visiting Chernobyl this year has released a video from the Bremen Frimarkt in Germany, it’s bascially a massive funfair whats held every year in the city. Continue reading


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