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Night Crawler

Supra’s have always been close to my heart, having owned 2 of them before and this one being my third i find myself taking pictures of it all the time. My current model is a 2JZ-GTE GZ Aerotop which is quite a rare model for the UK, most of the aerotop examples are usually none turbo. Continue reading

It’s been a quiet time.

Theres not been many updates here on in the past few months, i’ve found myself extremely busy with other issues and tasks that life throws at you. Alas things will start to improve shortly. More explores and more pictures are coming soon and i can’t wait to get going. Continue reading

The Portal

The cooling tower at the IM power plant in Belgium has been visited many times by many other explorers but they often miss one of the most captivating parts of it, underneath. Continue reading

Editors choice for Radioactive Superiority!

Another one of my pictures has managed to make it to join Dark Pripyat in the editors choice selection on 500px!

Radioactive Superiority is the beautiful muriel inside the Pripyat post office in the Ukraine. Continue reading

Star Trail Photography

Hi guys, thanks for checking out another one of my tutorials here at Urbanpixels.

This time i want to talk about star trail photography and how you can start making some pretty unique images. Continue reading

During The Night

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment in Germany, its around 10 floors and has some pretty nice views over the city. Continue reading

How to install Pripyat maps for iPhone

iphone5sI get around quite a bit with my photography and urban exploration, the last few years i’ve visited the abandoned city of Pripyat in northern Ukraine where in 1986 the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded.

My first 2 trips to the zone where fantastic, but i only had paper maps, so for my 3rd trip i decided to make some digital maps which could be viewed on my iPhone, with the help of Galileo offline maps which is an excellent program for the job and doesn’t need a data connection!

Quite a lot of people are visiting the zone these days so i decided to put together this little guide so you can also have these excellent maps on your phone so your visit doesn’t turn into a snippet from Chernobyl Diaries. Continue reading

Pripyat Post Office

This image is one of the most stunning paintings i’ve seen so far in the abandoned city of Pripyat in northern Ukraine. Continue reading


One of my best images which i have taken this year. A small jellyfish in the aquarium in Genova. Continue reading

S5 at night

So, im working away a lot these days which means i tend to get very bored in the evenings, so i decided to pop out and take a picture or two of my car, this is the outcome. Continue reading

Understanding your camera

For the first of many tutorials on Urbanpixels i’d like to start from the beginning  for first time users the Mode dial on your camera may be a source of great confusion. Continue reading

Aperture and Depth of Field

Aperture is a word which is used a lot within photography and for myself was the single most confusing aspect when starting with my camera, this post will hopefully help you understand how aperture works and how you can change settings to give yourself the image you were looking for. Continue reading


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